PHOTO: Lots of competition at the first March WVLX Store Sale for this pen of Angus X weaner steers on account of SJ Ross that Elders Kerr & Co sold for the market top of 490c/kg, averaging $1293ph.

Yarding: 1,933

It was a decent yarding of just under 2000 cattle for the first store sale in March with a focus on cows & calves, PTIC females, crossbred steers and F1 heifers. Cows and calves started the sale averaging $2112ph and making up to a top of $2500ph for 12 Angus X units on account of J & S Convey.  

There were nearly 150 PTIC heifers which averaged around the $1900ph mark, including some great lines on account of Weatherly Angus that made up to $2500ph for a pen of 6 Angus PTIC heifers and the Boortkoi run that made up to $2100ph for a pen of 12 Angus X Hereford PTIC cows.

While there was only a small offering of grown steers presented, there were still some quality lines including the Hayes family who had 39 Angus steers that made a top of 422c/kg, $1428ph as well as J & D Livestock who had a pen of Angus grown steers (403kg) that also reached 422c/kg returning $1699ph. Australian Livestock Farms P/L had a heavier pen weighing 463kg that sold for 416c/kg returning $1925ph. 

There was not a huge offering of good lines of weaner steers which were back around 20-30c/kg from a fortnight earlier due to the quality on offer. That said, there were still some great pens including SJ Ross who had 21 Angus X weaner steers (264kg) that reached the top of 490c/kg making $1293ph, while Boortkoi had a great run of Angus & Hereford weaner steers that made 450c/kg averaging $1519ph. NA Spencer also had a great pen of Charolais weaner steers weighing 370kg that reached 434c/kg making $1606ph. 

Grown heifers were light on this sale, averaging around 365c/kg and topping at 408c/kg for an Angus pen on account of J & D Livestock weighing 435kg that made $1775ph. There was also a great pen of Angus grown heifers (443kg) on account of Bowes Kelly Pastoral that fetched 384c/kg, returning $1699ph.

Nearly 400 weaner heifers were offered, averaging around the 372c/kg mark and topping at 430c/kg for a pen of Angus X (336kg) off Maroko that returned $1444ph. 

In the crossbred section we saw feedlotters chasing cattle with weight, creating great competition. These cattle made mostly 350-360c/kg, including a pen of Angus X steers weighing 499kg on account of S Walker that made 356c/kg, returning $1775ph. Friesian steers were making either side of 250c/kg. 

So a solid result for the first store sale of the month and our thanks to all vendors, agents, buyers, transporters, visitors and staff for your input into the sale. We’re all looking forward to the next sale on Thursday 16th March at 10am – hope to see you there!

Market Report: WVLX Agents Association president, Jack Hickey. Click HERE for full WVLX market report.