Annual Weaner Sale – 14th January, 2022

Yarding: 7’571

WVLX held their Annual Special Weaner Sale today which has been described as an excellent line up of cattle. A large gallery of buyers were present, consisting of Feedlotters, Backgrounders and Grass fatteners who all swarmed in from Northern NSW, South Australia and South West Victoria keeping a very strong competitive market.

The 380kg-440kg Angus Weaner Steers made 610c/kg to 650c/kg for a top sale price of $2714.97. The lighter weight angus weaner steers ranging from 330kg-380kg made 640c/kg to 700c/kg and the 330kg under steers made 690c/kg to 740c/kg topping out at 864c/kg. Hereford Steers sold to a strong competition topping at 700c/kg. The heavy Euro X Steers made 575c/kg-630c/kg and the lighter Euro X Steers made up to 792c/kg.

The Best Presented Pen Of Steers were awarded to The Haworth Family from “Correlup” who also managed to snap up The Best Presented Pen Of Heifers, the cracking steers made 706c/kg or $2372.16 per head and the heifers making 762c/kg or $2685.29!

The Heifer portion of today’s sale was very successful as Angus Heifers made to a top head price of $2685 and the lighter heifers made 650c/kg to 774c/kg.
Moyne Falls Partnership presented a large run of Weaner Heifers & Steers today comprising of 392 steers which sold to a top of 858c/kg or $2348.12 and 243 Heifers making to a top of 774c/kg or $2154.87. Nevflo PTY LTD also offered a large run of weaners which topped out at 766c/kg or $2369. Gwinga Pastoral presented excellent runs of Angus weaners which sold to a top of 750c/kg or $2368.93.

Market Report: WVLX Agent’s Association President, Matt Sculley