PHOTO: Russell Finch of Coleraine with his pen of Angus Steers that fetched the market top of a massive 750c/kg! 

Yarding: 5,277

Agents yarded over 5000 cattle for the April store sale here at WLX in Mortlake that sold to a very strong demand once again.

The better pens of heavy grown feeder steers weighing around 450-500kg made between 465c and 482c/kg a fall. Feeder steers either side of 400kg made in excess of 500c/kg quite regularly, coming out at $2000+ per head, which is a great result for vendors. 

Weaner steers topped at 750c/kg for calves close to 200kg with a lot of spring drop steer calves changing hands between 640-720c/kg.

The Toora West heifers led the grown heifer section this sale. These topped at 541c/kg with the heavy end making 488c/kg. These heifers weighed between 390-470kg, with the tops of those coming out at almost $2300 which is a great result for the Kimptons. The majority of these heifers were bought by repeat buyers.

The weaner heifers sold to a very strong demand also, topping out at 614c/kg for well-bred spring drop Angus weaner heifer calves. These calves are heading back to the paddock to breed with.

Whilst only a very small yarding of Cows & Calves, these topped at $2660, and once again an outstanding result overall for the massive yarding at Mortlake.

Market Report: WVLX Agent’s Association President, Matt Baxter. View the full WVLX Market Report HERE