PHOTO: Rob Patterson was all smiles after the sale of his Angus grown steers topped the market at today’s store sale fetching 393c/kg under the Elders Kerr & Co hammer, averaging $1574ph.

Mortlake fortnightly store sale yarded 4060 head, doubling from the comparison market a month ago.  The quality ranged from plain to good, with a large portion of the yarding showing the signs of cold and drier conditions. The usual field of buyers were present from South Australia, New South Wales, Gippsland and local. There was a lot of feeder interest for the heavier grown yearling steers. Young weaner Angus steers sold to 30c cheaper, grown Angus steers gained 10c and the Angus heifers slipped to 40c/kg to a fortnight ago. The better presented cattle with weight and shape gained 10c to 25c/kg on the same comparison market a month ago while the light weights and secondary types lacking condition sold to a cheaper trend.

Weaner Angus steers selling from 280c to 374c for the better quality and the secondary types sold from 225c to 282c/kg. Black baldy’s made from 260c to 342c and Euro cross steers sold from 270c to 310c/kg. Angus x Friesian steers sold from 130c to 284c, Friesian steers made from 110c to 132c/kg. Grown steers sold well with Angus steers selling from 260c to 393c, Black baldy’s made from 240c to 360c and euro cross steers sold from 250c to 335c/kg.  Angus x Friesian steers sold from 168c to 332c and Friesian steers made from 162c to 200c/kg.

Angus heifers sold from 200c to 332c/kg, Black baldys made from 286c to 314c and Euro cross heifers sold from 162c to 324c/kg.  Angus x Friesian heifers sold from 130c to 280c, and crossbred heifers made from 92c to 210c/kg.

PTIC heifers sold from $680 to $1660 and PTIC Cows from $700 to $1700. Cow and Calf units made from $1300 to $1800 for Angus, Angus X Cows and Calf units sold from $875 to $1650. Other Euro breeds sold from $750 to $1540/unit. Bulls made from $900 to $3000/head.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited (market reporter Sheona Lamb). Click HERE for full WVLX market report.