PHOTO: These Angus bullocks weighing 649kg on account of P & B Madden were sold by Nutrien Ag at WVLX Mortlake for a top of 279c/kg, averaging $1810ph.

Total Yarding: 970

Mortlake agents yarded 970 head at today’s market, some 360 head less than the previous week. A large percentage of the yarding consisted of manufacturing types with cow numbers declining by half with the majority yarded being dairy types. The quality of the trade cattle on offer witnessed an improvement in quality compared to last week. The yarding consisted of 200 grown cattle, 480 trade types and 260 cows with 30 grown bulls. Most of the regular buyers were in attendance and bidding selectively. Feeder interest was sound with most operating and additional store competition over most categories was evident.

The market continued its battle with manufacturing steers, grown steers and cows slipping a further 20c/kg. The trade cattle sold to firm demand overall with a small number of excellent vealers to the trade making 316c/kg.

Trade steers and heifers made between 210c and 310c/kg. Grown cattle topped at 279c/kg with manufacturing steers selling from 160c to 218c/kg. Good beef cows sold from 180c/kg to 218c/kg, with the medium weights from 150c to 170c/kg. Dairy cows were generally between 150c to 190c/kg with grown beef bulls to 230c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click HERE for full WVLX market report.