PHOTO: Sam Robinson of Purnim, with his transporter Graeme Kelson, sold 21 Angus grown steers through HF Richardson at the WVLX Store Sale, with one pen making 338c/kg, $1831ph and the other 355c/kg, $1819ph.

Yarding: 3,056

Agents offered 3,056 cattle at Mortlake’s fortnightly WVLX store sale. Quality ranged from good to excellent, with well-presented lines of Western District weaners considering the cold winter conditions. A large buying gallery attended with buyers from over Victoria, SA and NSW.

The market opened with two charity heavy grown steers selling from $2700 to $3000/head. Buyers were selective and bidding only intensified for the well bred cattle. The better-quality weaner cattle sold to 10c cheaper and the secondary types slipping 15c to 25c/kg while well-bred Angus yearling steers sold firm to slightly dear.

Medium and heavy Angus weaner steers sold 280c to 402c/kg with a pen of light weights selling to 414c/kg, other breeds made from 200c to 304c/kg. Medium and heavy weight Angus weaner heifers made from 260c to 340c/kg and the lighter weights from 220c to 264c/kg. Other breeds sold from 204c to 312c/kg.

Yearling angus steers sold from 300c to 382c/kg, all other breeds from 252c to 322c/kg. Yearling Angus heifers made from 254c to 334c/kg and all other breeds from 200c to 320c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited (market reporter Sheona Lamb). Click HERE for full WVLX market report.