PHOTO: Topping the market today at 532c/kg were these quality Angus X steers that Nutrien Ag sold. The vealers weighed 258kg returning $1372ph for N Pickering. Their sisters did equally as well, with the heifers selling for a top of 472c/kg, returning $1015ph.

Total Yarding: 599

Agents penned an increased yarding of 599 cattle at today’s WVLX Prime Market in Mortlake, 190 more for the usual following of buyers. Quality overall was better than last week’s mainly lean conditioned selection with most categories having more finish in their offerings this week. Young cattle averaged 10c/kg higher while grown steers and heifers were unchanged to a little better in price when their lift in quality was taken into account. Better covered beef cows gained a further 5c/kg but leaner conditioned cows were slightly cheaper.

A pen of steer vealers to a restocker buyer made 532c while a pen of heifer vealers sold for 472c/kg to also go back on feed. The odd few yearlings to processors made from 406c to 450c while most went to restockers making from 425c to 465c with a sale out to 480c/kg. The dairy and plainer yearlings sold from 288c to 388c with a single restocker going to 400c/kg.

Grown steers made from 400c to 448c with leaner conditioned steers making to a top of 426c/kg. Restockers were active on grown steers from 412c to 443c with a sale out to 468c/kg. Plain conditioned manufacturing Friesian steers made from 315c to 324c and grown heifers made to a top of 406c/kg. The better covered beef cows sold from 340c to 386c with a restocker going to 396c/kg. The leaner beef cows sold to a top of 345c and leaner dairy cows sold from 256c to 290c/kg. The few beef bred bulls sold from 250c to 270c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click HERE for full WVLX market report.