PHOTO: Competition was hot for cows today, with this pair of quality Angus girls sold by Charles Stewart & Co fetching the top of 347c/kg, returning $2360ph for Hilltop Farming.

Total Yarding:  627

Quality improved to see a good to very good yarding of particularly light to medium weight grown steers and heavy weight beef cows. The overall mixed selection of 627 head, 226 more, sold to a regular field of buyers of which not all operated fully. Prices for young cattle mainly hovered around the rates of last week but restockers averaged a little dearer for their purchases. Grown steers were equal to 10c higher but restockers paid 10c to 30c more and Friesian steers sold 5c/kg better than last week. Beef cows lifted 10c to 20c/kg but dairy cows held firm. The leaner cows made 15c more and poor to plain conditioned cows sold 5c to 10c/kg higher.

The few vealers were between 442c and 472c with yearlings from 367c to 455c/kg. Most yearlings went to restockers and they paid to 424c for the heifers and to 455c/kg for their steers. Plain quality and dairy bred yearlings were mostly between 280c and 360c/kg.

Many of the medium to heavier grown steers were in lean condition. Prices were from 375c to 418c for most with restockers paying to 435c/kg. Friesians sold between 327c and 330c/kg. Beef bred grown heifers made 339c to 396c/kg. Beef cows were from 290c to 347c with dairy cows from 250c to 295c/kg. The leaner cows sold between 238c and 260c and the plain to poorer conditioned made 208c to 239c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click HERE for the full WVLX market report.