Total Yarding: 601

Restockers purchased most of the yarding in the offering of 601 mainly good quality cattle at WVLX Mortlake. The usual field of meat buyers were in attendance but not all operated in the dearer market. Vealers to the trade sold 20c to 30c/kg dearer but restockers paid equal to higher prices. Yearlings saw 95% of the penning go to restockers with steers mainly selling from 20c to 30c/kg higher and the heifers mostly at firm to slightly dearer prices. Grown steers all went to restockers and they paid up to 10c/kg more. Beef cow prices lifted 20c with leaner types 25c to 70c/kg dearer. Dairy cows sold 15c to 20c/kg better than last week.

Most vealers made between 543c and 584c with light weights to restockers at 594c/kg. Restockers paid mainly 460c to 580c for yearling steers with light weights to 596c/kg. The yearling heifers to restockers were mostly from 430c to 526c/kg.

Restockers paid mainly 420c to 488c for grown steers and the light weights to them were up to 540c/kg. The dairy steers to processors made 340c to 380c/kg.

Beef cows sold from 300c to 360c with restockers paying 320c to 446c/kg. The leaner beef cows were from 274c to 290c and restockers paid 276c to 382c/kg. Dairy cows made between 294c and 302c to processors while restockers paid to 372c/kg for light conditioned replacements. Better beef bulls sold to 318c/kg.   

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited.  Click HERE for full WVLX Market Report.