PHOTO: Cows were up by close to 50c/kg today, with Elders Kerr & Co selling this Murray Grey beauty for the top of 470c/kg, returning $3111 for CR & TE Bodey.

Total Yarding: 368

Cows sold at extreme prices to average 50c/kg higher in the overall yarding of 368 cattle, 81 less than last sale at WVLX in Mortlake. Quality of the offering was mixed but included more finished numbers in most categories. A near regular field of buyers attended and paid similar prices to last week for young cattle, with plain and dairy bred yearlings averaging 20c/kg dearer. Grown steers were 10c cheaper but grown heifers sold 25c higher and bulls lifted 10c/kg.

Restockers purchased a large portion of the young cattle offering and paid from 430c to 490c for most of the better quality, with 500c and 552c/kg being their top prices. Plainer and dairy bred yearlings made from 340c to 385c and went to processors while the few better bred yearlings to processors made from 430c to 470c, with a top of 492c and 500c/kg.

Grown steers sold from 420c to 442c with a single sale at 470c/kg. Restockers paid from 420c to 485c with two medium weights selling for 532c/kg. Plain conditioned Friesian steers made between 366c and 396c/kg. Well-covered beef bred grown heifers sold from 430c to 470c with the dairy heifers making from 341c to 382c/kg. Beef cows sold from 410c to 470c and the top dairy cows made 430c and 440c/kg. Leaner dairy cows sold from 320c to 368c and the poor to plainer conditioned cows sold between 272c and 350c/kg. Average to good quality beef bulls made from 280c to 330c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click HERE for full WVLX report.