PHOTO: Richie Belleville of Blythwood Pastoral Company received the honor of Best Presented pen today, presented by Elders state livestock manager Matt Tinkler, for his pen of 32 Angus spring drop steers weighing 451kg. They sold for a high 610c/kg, returning $2751ph.  

Yarding: 2,947

Today the yarding was just shy of 3000 cattle that were predominantly breeders cattle, all from the local area, and was mainly made up of heavier feeder steers and heifers.

Feeder steers were dominated mostly by 4 or 5 major feedlotters. Heavy steers weighing 640-650kg made up to 470c/kg. True feeder weight Angus steers, EU accredited, weighing 450-480kg topped at around 580-590c/kg.

There was a smart line up of genuine spring drop weaner 12-14 month old steers which made between 620-700c/kg. Some of the better end feeder steers pushing 450kg made 600c/kg. The highest price was a line of EU accredited Ardonachie steers weighing 271kg that made 756c/kg.

Some of the older feeder heifers around the 2-2.5 year age bracket were bought by major feedlotters for a short term feeding operation making 470-520c/kg. The more genuine 16-18 month old feeder weight heifers made between 530-570c/kg.

A lot of the little heifers were really well supported by northern backgrounders and restockers with good interest on Auctions Plus who bid on around 20% of today’s market. Some of the little heifers made up to 780c/kg for early to mid 200kg weights.

An absolutely phenomenal day all up! All the cattle presented really well given some tough seasonal conditions with a pretty wet winter. It really was a tremendous effort to present 3000 cattle in such outstanding quality throughout the yard so congratulations to all the vendors. Particular congratulations to Blythewood Pastoral Company for their Best Presented pen of 32 Angus spring drop weaner steers, weighing 451kg.

Market Report: Kerr & Co Livestock Agent, Zac Van Wegen. Click HERE for full WVLX market report.