PHOTO: The Greenwald Pastoral Company team were on site at the last store sale for 2022 to see their run of 570 weaner steers off their Dartmoor property go under the hammer. Their run included 463 Angus weaners which sold to a top of 628c/kg, $1854ph. They also sold 99 Angus X Hereford weaners to 530c/kg, $1627ph and 8 Red Angus X weaners to 480c/kg, $1374ph. From left: Annabel Davies, Sam Davies, Darryl Thompson and owner Malcolm Davies.  

Yarding: 4,141 

There were just under 4200 high quality cattle yarded today in Mortlake, that were predominantly a beef-bred line up of cattle. 

We started on a very nice run of feeder steers, as even a run of steers that we’ve had for quite some time,  representing a fair weight range between 400-500kg, as well as some bigger heavier cattle up to 630kg. 

The 400-500kg feeder steers were making anywhere from 440-490c/kg while some lighter calves weighing 380-400kg made up to 520c/kg. GC Quail sold 79 Angus steers (413-551kg) for 449-468c/kg, averaging $1922-2473ph, while NG & GC Block had a great pen of 439kg Murray Grey grown steers that sold for 520c/kg, $2282ph.

There were some excellent lines of weaner steers with most calves selling for 480-560c/kg, while some of the heavy weaner steers weighing 370-380kg+ were making 520c/kg. The lighter the calves got, the closer to 600c/kg they made and breaking that 600c/kg barrier at times. A lot of the weaner steers made $1800- 1900ph. Greenwald Pastoral Company sold 89 Angus weaner steers weighing 246-263kg for 628c/kg, averaging $1543-1654ph.

The grown heifer job was a fraction easier than last month. Heifers with plenty of weight in the 450-500kg bracket made between 410-430c/kg. DJ & JJ Nagorcka had a pen of Charolais X grown heifers weighing 466kg that sold for 420c/kg, averaging $1955ph.

Weaner heifers in the 350-380kg weight category were making 450-500c/kg for the real premium lots while lighter weight heifers sub 300kg were making 500-560c/kg at times, including a pen of Angus weaner heifers (237kg) on account of NS & DM Blain that sold for 560c/kg, returning $1326ph. Coloured cattle in the lighter weight categories were making $1200-1400ph.

There was a strong contingent of the regular buyers (including AuctionsPlus) as well as some extras from the Gippsland region. One bidder in particular from Korumburra bought around 330 head.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our buyers, vendors, transporters, agents, staff and everyone associated with our saleyards for their support in 2022. We wish you all a very safe and happy festive season and look forward to seeing you all back in 2023 on Thursday 5th January at 9am for our annual weaner sale.

Market Report: WVLX Agents Association president, Jack Hickey. Click HERE for full WVLX market report.