PHOTO: Binalong Gully had the top pen of bullocks today with this cracking pen of Angus fellas. Four went under the Charles Stewart & Co hammer for a top of 494c/kg, returning $2624ph and the other two made 482c/kg, returning $2314ph.

Total Yarding: 638

There was a mixed quality selection of 638 head, 37 more at the WVLX Prime Market in Mortlake. The usual buyers were present but not all meat companies were operating or operating fully. Restockers again purchased most of the yarding. Young cattle lost last weeks gains to average 30c/kg cheaper, grown steers were fully equal and even dearer in places, while beef cows overall eased in prices. The leaner conditioned cows sold on average 10c higher, and bulls lost 30c/kg. 

The few vealers to the trade mainly sold from 465c to 485c, while restockers paid mostly from 500c to 556c/kg. Yearlings to restockers were generally in the range of 460c to 530c, with some heifers as low as 400c, and steers as high as 552c/kg.

Restockers paid from 446c to 495c/kg for most of their grown steers. Beef cows made from 310c to 334c, with restockers going to 432c/kg. The leaner beef cows sold between 265c and 310c/kg. Restocker prices ranged from 270c to 390c/kg. Beef bulls made from 240c to 278c/kg.   

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited.  Click HERE for full WVLX market report.