PHOTO: Josh Bedford of North West Flowers & Pastoral Co (north west of Nhill) sold these 18 Angus weaner steers for 698c/kg or $2329ph, as well as 44 Angus weaner heifers to a top of 712c/kg and $2407ph.

Yarding: 5,664

It was another bumper WVLX Store Sale, with agents yarding 5664 cattle in Mortlake. 

Grown steers sold very well with the heavier steers ranging in weight from 530-580kg, making between 540 to 590c/kg. The 450-520kg steers also sold extremely well making from 590 to 630c/kg. DG & MA Pevitt had a pen of 24 Angus steers weighing 588kg that sold for 555c/kg or $3264ph.

Grown heifers sold at a similar rate of a month ago with P & M Ewing & Co selling 31 Angus heifers weighing 403kg for 652c/kg or $2630ph. The heavier end around the 500kg weights made around 530-560c/kg which was very pleasing. 

There were mixed results in the weaner steer section, however the weaner pricing strengthened as it went on, with the better presented better quality steers selling very well. Stephen Gibbons had a pen of 15 Angus weaner steers weighing 317kg that sold for 720c/kg or $2282ph. Some of the other weaner steers were described as cheaper compared to our feature weaner sale a fortnight ago. 

The weaner heifers were met by high demand and were subsequently stronger than the weaner sale two weeks ago by around 20-30c/kg, which was certainly better than we expected. North West Flowers & Pastoral had a run of 20 Angus weaner heifers weighing 366kg that sold for 658c/kg or $2407ph.

The heavy crossbred steers sold very well from 470 to 520c/kg which was a pleasing result, however there was minimal competition for the lighter weight crossbred & friesian steers and they didn’t meet our expectations. 

The cows & calves topped at $3850ph for a pen of 7 Angus cows weighing 573kg, with 7 calves at foot on account of T Bamford.

All in all, a great sale that was well attended by buyers, vendors and agents and we look forward to doing it all again at the next Store Sale in a fortnight on Thursday 2nd June at 10am.    

Market Report: WVLX Agent’s Association President, Matt Sculley. Click HERE for full WVLX market report.