PHOTO: Elders Kerr & Co sold this quality pen of Limousin X Heifers for the second highest price today of 461c/kg, returning $1421ph for CA Beal.


Total Yarding:  401

It was the plainest quality offering of cattle seen here so far in the yarding of 401 head, 116 less. Despite this, prices averaged close to last week’s levels for most young cattle along with the better covered beef cows. Plain conditioned cows were 10c/kg cheaper and the odd young and most grown cattle were a few cents dearer. Not all the regular buyers were present.

Just the single vealer was purchased by the trade and made 474c while the other few sold from 420c to 461c/kg to restockers. Yearlings made 360c to 450c with restockers paying 370c to 436c/kg. The plain quality and dairy bred lines were mainly between 280c and 360c with the best to 380c/kg.

Grown steers were mainly light to medium weights and sold from 365c to 402c with restockers purchasing at cheaper rates, up to 392c/kg. Friesians made 295c to 325c/kg.

The beef cows were between 282c and 328c with dairy cows from 258c to 288c/kg. The bulk were leaner in condition and sold at 220c to 238c with poor to plain mostly from 200c to 230c and several sold up to 242c but the poorest made from 160c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click HERE for the full WVLX market report.