PHOTO: Damien Wines of Windy View Farming, Cooriemungle sold 83 grown steers today through Southern Grampians Livestock, including the top pen that made 400c/kg, returning $1916ph.

Yarding: 4,625

It was an improved well-bred yarding of 4,625 cattle at Mortlake today. The quality varied from average to very good. A larger gallery attended and bidding remained steady in the Angus weaner steer portion. The heifer weaners and yearling cattle sold to weaker demand. Yearling steers were from 25c to 45c/kg cheaper and the yearling heifers sold 15c to 35c/kg softer. Angus weaner steers sold to firm as other breeds were 15c to 25c/kg easier. Heifer weaner sales were from 30c to 60c/kg softer and back further apart from light Angus heifers as they sold close to unchanged.   

Angus steer weaners sold from 338c to 464c/kg, lighter pens made from 442c to 490c/kg as they averaged between 411c to 425c/kg. The British breeds sold from 346c to 388c/kg, the European weaner steers made 310c to 398c/kg and the Hereford steer weaners sold from 370c to 390c/kg. Heifer Angus weaners made from 320c to 414c/kg and averaged 355c/kg. The European weaner heifers above 330kg sold from 270c to 358c/kg. The medium Angus heifers made from 285c to 370c/kg with a pen of Red Angus heifers selling to 376c/kg. Lighter European cross heifers sold from 280c to 350c/kg and Hereford heifer weaners made from 255c to 312c/kg.  

Heavy steers made from 332c to 364c/kg. The Angus yearling steers above 400kg sold from 280c to 400c/kg with other breeds making from 320c to 378c/kg. Angus steers under 400kg made 316c to 400c/kg and Herefords sold from 330c to 355c/kg. Angus yearling heifers made from 270c to 380c/kg and the Herefords sold from 276c to 330c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited (market reporter Tim Delaney). Click HERE for full WVLX market report.