PHOTO: Claudio Castaldo (right), with agent Alister Nash, was looking forward to buying some Speckle Park steers at today’s store sale.

Yarding: 2,071

Agents offered 2,071 cattle for the fortnightly Mortlake store sale representing a decrease of 450 head. Quality ranged from fair to good. There was a smaller number of well bred weaner and yearling beef cattle, a larger selection of mixed sex dairy crosses and there was a significant lift in the numbers of Friesian steers penned. A reasonable crowd attended and followed the first Spring sale as local processors, feeders and restockers operated at times.The gallery did get smaller as the sale progressed and it was an overall cheaper sale. There was some added buying support from a Gippsland restocker. Prices compared to the similar sale a month ago for the good beef bred cattle was from mostly 10c to 20c easier, secondary cattle did sell between 20c to 35c cheaper and plainer lean cattle sold from 40c to 50c/kg lower and some isolated sales back further.

Angus steer weaners sold from 242c to 340c and the lighter Angus steers made 240c to 260c/kg. The other British breeds were from 220c to 270c and the European cross steer weaners made 210c to 232c/kg. Angus Friesian cross weaner steers of better quality sold from 206c to 240c/kg. Heifer Angus weaners with cover made from 180c to 260c and the lighter portion sold from 194c to 232c/kg. The British cross and European cross heifer weaners made 170c to 270c/kg. The Angus Friesian cross weaner heifers mostly sold from 130c to 222c/kg.

Steer yearlings above 400kg lwt with good cover made from 200c to 250c and the Friesian steers made from 160c to 210c as they averaged 175c/kg. Medium weight Angus steers were from 232c to 334c, Angus Friesian cross steers made 140c to 240c and the Friesian pens sold from 120c to 180c/kg. The European cross yearling steers made from 160c to 275c/kg. Heavy Angus yearling heifers made to 230c, the medium weight heifers were from 180c to 224c with the better Angus and Hereford Friesian crosses making from 190c to 210c/kg. The leaner light pens of yearling heifers mostly sold from 100c to 235c/kg. There were prices of mixed sex younger cattle during the store sale well under 100c/kg. Well bred cows with calves at foot made $1,220c to $1,580/unit. PTIC European cross heifers made $1,200 and PTIC cows were from $1,280 to $1,530/head.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click HERE for full WVLX market report.