PHOTO: These Angus steers (with the paint) sold by Elders Kerr & Co topped the market today at 584c/kg, returning $1647ph for Karina Allan.

Total Yarding: 681

The usual buyers attended the very mixed quality offering of 681 cattle, 205 more than last sale. Price trends varied, with young cattle 5c to 20c/kg dearer for the better bred and better finished yearlings. Plain and dairy bred yearlings overall sold easier. Grown steers averaged unchanged, with prices reflecting the wide range in quality. Cows were generally 10c to 35c cheaper with poorer quality easily 50c/kg lower and more in places.

Better quality yearlings were mostly between 420c and 550c with restockers going up to 584c/kg. Plain and dairy bred yearlings made from 350c to 430c/kg.

Grown steers ranged from 420c to 460c with restockers paying to 502c/kg. Friesian steers were plain in quality and sold between 350c and 392c/kg. Grown heifers made from 426c to 471c with dairy heifers making 380c/kg. Beef cows sold from 360c to 446c with a sale up to 460c/kg. The few better covered dairy cows sold from 360c to a top of 400c/kg. The leaner dairy cows made from 310c to 350c and the poor to plain conditioned cows sold mostly between 220c and 290c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click HERE for full WVLX market report.