Photo: Buyers line the rails ready to put in their bids at today’s Prime Market.

Total Yarding: 718

After a welcomed rain of around 25mm in the area there was a smaller yarding of 718 head of cattle at Mortlake 172 less. The quality remained mixed in condition from poor to good in places for the cows with less dairy cows penned and the trade weight cattle also varied in quality with a limited numbers of vealers available. The 158 grown steers varied from plain to good on average of less weight with the better quality portion selling unchanged to firm in an easier sale overall. A regular field of buyers were present, not all operating or to capacity in a weaker market averaging 5c to 15c/kg cheaper and more in places for the plainer cattle that lacked cover throughout the market. The make-up of market also consisted of approximately 247 cows, 18 bulls, and 295 trade cattle as well.

The C2 and C3 vealers sold between 256c and 290c as they averaged close to 285c/kg. Yearling steers C3 made from 270c to 280c and the restockers and feeders paid between 247c to 256c/kg. D2 yearling heifers sold from 140c to 185c with C2 heifers making from 210c to 230c as the restockers and feeders took the opportunity to buy from 195c to 244c/kg.

In the grown steers, C3 to C4 sold from 245c to 279c with the C2 and C3 with less weight made from 234c to 267c and the plainer pens of C2 made from 225c to 272c/kg with less demand. Crossbred manufacturing steers made from 205c to 220c, D2 Friesian steers made to 191c and the grown heifers sold from 192c to reach 244c/kg. The poorer quality E1 and E2 and the D1 and D2 cows made between 140c and 176c/kg. D2 dairy breed cows sold from 166c to 190c and the beef bred C2 cows sold between 184c to 192c with restockers buying cows from 150c to 197c/kg. C3 to C5 cows made from 190c to the top of 220c and bulls also sold to an easier trend of 20c as they reached a top price of 224c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. 

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