Market Report – 26 February, 2018

Total Yarding: 1034

Quality was more mixed in a further reduced sized yarding of cattle that sold to a near similar field of buyers. Increased numbers of leaner conditioned young cattle along with more dairybred cows came forward but the grown steer yarding was further improved and comprised mainly good to very good C3 and C4 grades. Heavy weight beef bulls and grown heifers were scarce this week. Prices were equal to mainly 5c easier for grown steers when quality was factored in and young cattle sold fully equal and up to 10c/kg higher in places especially for plainer quality and restocking lines. Poor conditioned E1 cows averaged 15c cheaper but most other grades sold closer to unchanged.

The mainly C2 penning of vealers made from 240c to 270c with restockers paying to 286c/kg. The C2 and C3 yearlings were also from 245c to 270c with steers to restockers up to 280c and their heifers to 260c/kg. The D2 yearlings made 210c to 228c with the best of the restocker sales at 240c and 245c/kg. The D1 grade sold between 170c and 218c and a top sale to a restocker made 235c/kg.

Most prime conditioned C3 and C4 grown steers were between 250c and 265c with older bullocks from 230c/kg. The D3 crossbred steers made similar prices to last week at 215c to 250c but averaged 10c/kg lower.

There were more poor conditioned E1 cows penned and most were from 140c to 172c with the very poor from 100c/kg. The D1 cows made 170c to 190c, D2 grade from 185c to 201c/kg. Good quality C3 to C5 beef cows sold between 202c and 215c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Full report:

Photo: Tania King and Geoff Ralph sold Angus Bullocks with a top price of $2.50/kg for 20 Angus Bullocks. Pictured here with Landmark Agent Sam Savin.

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