PHOTO: These Limousin X Weaner Steers absolutely took the cake at today’s prime market, with HF Richardson selling them for a top of 511c/kg, returning $1345.63ph on behalf of C & B Hill.


Total Yarding:  760

It was a very dearly priced sale for most categories of cattle in the yarding of 760 head, 535 more. The usual field of buyers plus additional restocker competition attended but not all operated fully, possibly due to the higher prices. Grown steers were 40c to 50c dearer, young cattle sold on average 40c higher with some sales 60c/kg better than last week. The beef cows made 10c more while the dairy and leaner conditioned cows sold fully equal and up to 15c/kg dearer. 

Most vealers sold from 400c to 485c with restockers paid mainly from 430c to 466c and a sale topped at 511c/kg. The yearlings were selling from 365c to 468c with restockers paying 355c to 462c/kg. Grown steers made from 350c to 390c with restockers going to 410c/kg. Manufacturing and older grown steers sold from 324c to 344c/kg. Beef bred grown heifers made from 322c to 375c with a top sale at 391c while the dairy bred grown heifers sold from 313c to 328c/kg. 

Beef cows sold from 275c to 320c with the few dairy cows making from 268c to 282c and leaner conditioned cows sold from 240c to 258c/kg. The beef bulls sold from 260c to 278c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click here for full WVLX market report.