PHOTO: This great pen of Angus X Bullocks sold by Charles Stewart & Co. today at the Mortlake saleyards made a top of 284c/kg (ave. weight 605kg).

Total Yarding: 970

It was a cheaper priced sale (at the Mortlake saleyards) except for the best quality young cattle, in the slightly smaller sized yarding. A similar number of buyers attended and most operated fully though demand, especially for grown steers and cows, was weaker. The mixed quality offering saw cows a general 20c to 40c lower and C muscled grown steers 5c to 30c/kg cheaper. The best of the young cattle were fully equal and even dearer in places but the plain to average quality was down 5c to 15c/kg. Grown heifers slipped 20c and heavy weight bulls sold equal to 5c/kg easier.

The few vealers sold from 215c to 260c with B muscled to 290c/kg. Yearlings were from 190c to 278c with odds at 284c and 289c/kg. Restockers bid steadily and paid to 260c while D2 yearlings made between 152c and 225c/kg. The D1 grade was from 131c to 170c/kg.

Six tooth and older bullocks were discounted as the C3 and C4 grown steers ranged between 240c and 284c/kg. The D2 and D1 manufacturing steers actually sold on a dearer trend and made 180c to 222c and 171c to 190c/kg respectively. The better covered grown heifers were from 202c to 240c with the leaner grade from 175c to 190c/kg.

Most beef cows were from 172c to 208c but a few were pushed out to 228c/kg. The D2 cows made 150c to 175c with lean conditioned cows between 130c and 150c/kg. The few poor conditioned cows this week sold from 100c to 122c/kg. Heavy weigh beef bulls were at 208c to 224c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited.

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