Above: These Fresian cows fetched an impressive $2.68 c/kg through Southern Grampians Livestock, setting the bar high for this category. The heaviest was 668kg and sold for $1790.24.

There was a small increase in the number of cattle sold at Mortlake today, an increase of 25 to total 525 head. Quality was mixed, with a very good run of cows being offered today, both beef and dairy. All the regular processes were in attendance, plus one additional processor returning, however not all operated in the firm to dearer market. Feeders and restockers were very active throughout the market on suitable lines.

There was a better selection of heifers in the yearling section of the sale today outweighing the steers for quality. Yearling steers to the trade sold from 281c to 306c, as heifers to the trade received from 290c to 311c, while feeders and restocker paid a premium for yearlings, making from 290c to 330c/kg. C3 and C4 grown steers and bullocks made from 281c to 332c, with a heifer portion making from 200 up to 285c/kg, which was firm on last week’s market. Manufacturing bullocks sold to 315c/kg.

There was a very good selection of C4 and C3 beef cows, as well as C2 dairy cows, competition for the cows was 20c/kg dearer this week. Heavy 3 and 4 score beef cows lifted 20c, making from 265c to 288c/kg. Light cows sold from 180c to 245c/kg. Bulls were also dearer, increasing 15c/kg on last week’s prices. Heavy bulls with shape sold from 220c to 265c/kg

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat and Livestock Australia www.mla.com.au

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