PHOTO: Jan and John Murphy of Woolsthorpe, pictured with Jim Oliver, are regular vendors at WVLX and said they will continue to keep selling at the Mortlake saleyards because of the great conditions here. They sold 14 Angus X Angus Cows and 2 Angus X Angus Bulls today, with their best cow price reaching 248c/kg (average weight 608.8kg) and their best bull selling for 260c/kg (weighing 952kg).

Total Yarding: 306

There was a slight lift in the cattle numbers to 306  at Mortlake up by 41 head all the regular Winter time buyers attended and operated with mostly more demand.  The quality was mixed throughout the different categories with half of the yarding made up of cows ranging from very good to light in condition.

Prices for cows were from mostly unchanged to 10c dearer for the light to medium cows with demand stronger for the heavy and well covered pens of beef bred cows as they sold 15c to 20c/kg  dearer. The limited selection of young cattle sold to firm, grown heifers were equal, manufacturing sold firm and the smaller offering of grown steers sold 5c to 10c/kg easier. The sale was made up of approximately 105 young cattle combined with a few grown heifers, 150 cows, 30 grown steers and 20 bulls.

The couple of pens of vealers sold from 240c to 259c/kg, yearlings C2 and C3 made between 255c and to 285c/kg with restockers and feeders active in places paying mostly from 200c to 260c/kg. Dairy bred steers D1 made 190c/kg with D1 and D2 friesian heifers selling between 154c to 195c/kg.

Grown heifers D2 and D3 made from 220c to 260c/kg, Manufacturing steers D2 and D3 sold from 210c to 245c/kg and C3 grown steers were from 250c to 281c/kg.  

The light dairy bred E1 cows made 158c  to 180c/kg as they sold close to equal as restockers purchased cows from 185c to 186c/kg during the market. In the beef bred cow offering D1 and D2 cows sold from 190c to 221c/g and the heavier D and C muscled cows made 235c to the cow top price of 261c/kg. Demand for bulls was also much stronger as prices averaged 10c to 20c/kg more with beef bulls reaching 260c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. 

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