PHOTO: First time sellers, Ian and Barb Boyd from Weerite, pictured with local Hereford farmer Ken Hodge, were happy with the prices they sold their 8 cattle for today, including 4 Angus X Angus Heifers at $2.62/kg and 4 Angus X Angus Bullocks, 2 of which made $2.89/kg and the other 2 made $2.50/kg.Ma

Total Yarding: 495

Cattle numbers increased slightly at Mortlake for a total of 495 head. A larger gallery of buyers attended as they operated keenly with demand much stronger than the last sale a fortnight ago. There was also an improvement in the quality with some well-presented grown steers, better younger cattle suiting processors and less light-weight cows offered. The younger cattle sold from 5c to 15c higher with some sales lifting 20c/kg. Good quality grown steers on average sold 10c to 20c dearer, although some isolated sales were up almost 30c as a highlight of the market saw 2 pens reach 300c/kg. The grown heifers lifted 10c, while the cows of light and medium weights remained unchanged to firm and the heavy cows varied between 5c to 15c/kg dearer. The yarding was made up of approximately 355 export and 140 young cattle.

The well covered C3 vealers to the processors sold from 274c to 292c/kg. Yearlings made 262c to 270c with the re-stockers and feeders purchasing young cattle from 234c up to 281c/kg.

Grown steers C3 and C4 sold from 250c to 300c with the best of the grown heifers making 240c and 250c/kg. Manufacturing steers sold from 190c to 226c/kg. Light E1 dairy bred cows made from 105c to 150c/kg. The D1 and D2 dairy bred cows sold from 155c to 194c/kg. Restockers did enter the market in places and they paid from 138c to 201c/kg for their cows. Beef bred cows D2 and D3 made from 186c to 217c/kg. The more muscled C2 to C4 cows sold from 207c to the top cow price of 226c/kg. The bulls also sold to more competition prices up 10c to 20c as a heavy beef bull reached 243c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited.

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