PHOTO: This great pen of Ross Butler’s Charolais Steers topped the market at 277c/kg ($1595.52ph), sold by Rodwells.

Total Yarding: 272

Agents penned approximately one third of the cattle from the last sale a fortnight ago. Quality was average with not all weights and grades offered. Not all the regular domestic and export processors were present or operating in a mostly firm to cheaper market. The feedlot and domestic buyers were keen to fill their orders, however, prices still dropped back up to 18c/kg in places.

There was a mixed offering of vealers with prices dropping 11c, with the better shapes selling between 220c and 265c/kg. The best of the trade weight cattle eased 18c, with the steers selling between 255c to 267c and the best of the trade heifers making between 220c to 240c/kg. Feeder cattle were slightly cheaper today, with the best feeder heifers selling between 238c to 245c and steers making between 240c to 250c/kg.

Very few heavy grown steers were offered today with the best of them selling in a firm market for 277c/kg weighing 576kg. The bulk sold between 236c and 277c/kg. Limited grown heifers sold firm to a few cents dearer making between 234c to 248c/kg. Good C3 and C4 beef cows eased up to 9c in places selling between 165c and 196c with the bulk of the lighter portion selling between 118c to 156c with the very poor condition types making 86c/kg. Only one bull was offered today selling for 204c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited.

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