PHOTO: Plenty of demand for cows today with 6 cow buyers actively bidding on every pen at WVLX in Mortlake! There were two pens that reached the top of 236c/kg  – 1 pen of Herefords sold by Stewart Nash McVilly which made $1726ph and 1 pen of Angus cows sold by Charles Stewart that made $1661ph!

Total Yarding: 495

There was a similar number of cattle yarded, but quality was plainer, with much of the yarding in 1 and 2 score condition. A core field of buyers attended, but again not all operated or operated fully. Prices were firm to a little easier for young cattle, however grown heifers sold 10c to 20c cheaper and cows made a general 5c/kg more. The grown steers were much leaner in condition compared to the better covered penning of last week.

The few vealers that came forward were mainly C2s that sold from 190c to a top of 268c/kg. The yearlings made from 190c to 280c, with a single steer at 298c/kg. The plainer D1 and D2 yearlings sold from 100c to 196c to processors and from 158c to 224c/kg to restockers.

The smaller and plain selection of C2 grown steers made from 232c to 247c, with a restocker going to 270c/kg. The C2 and C3 grown heifers were from 195c to 240c/kg. Manufacturing grown steers received from 200c and 213c/kg. Heavy weight beef cows were mainly C2s that sold from 215c to 236c, with the D2 grade making from 180c to 208c/kg. The D1 cows sold from 155c to 185c, while most E1 cows made from 134c to 164c/kg. There were some heavy weight C1 and C2 bulls this week and prices varied from 172c to 201c and a bull in the young cattle sale went to 220c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited.

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