PHOTO: S & N Branson sold these quality Angus Cows to a top of 326c/kg through Southern Grampians Livestock, returning them $2787ph.

Total Yarding:  944

Supply moved up again, with 944 cattle yarded, 384 more in a mixed quality selection. There was a near full field of buyers in attendance but not all operated fully. Prices for vealers averaged 10c higher with yearlings from 10c dearer for the heifers, and steers were up to 10c/kg cheaper. Grown steers were 2c to 3c better, Friesian steers picked up 5c/kg and grown heifers remained unchanged in prices. The cows sold at firm levels for the better-covered beef cows but lighter conditioned and dairy cows were 5c to 8c/kg lower. Beef bulls gained 10c/kg.

Vealers sold from 415c to 465c, yearlings made from 400c to 426c with the heifers from 355c and restockers paid to 430c/kg. The grown steers sold from 355c to 402c with restockers going to 429c and paying 10c to 20c/kg more than last week. Older and heavier steers sold from 345c to 370c and Friesians sold from 320c to 328c/kg. Grown heifers were making from 348c to 383c/kg.

Beef cows sold from 284c to 326c with the few dairy cows making from 265c to 288c/kg. Leaner conditioned cows made from 248c to 256c and the poor to plain cows sold from 200c to 238c with very poor from 150c/kg. Beef bulls made from 270c to 285c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click here for full WVLX market report.