AC Nash presented these 5 Charolais cows went under the hammer today and sold for 290c/kg, av $ per head. (Sold by Charles Stewart Nash Mcvilly)


Total Yarding: 2’071

Agents yarded 2,071 cattle at Mortlake which exceeded last week’s large offering. The yarding overall was very mixed but in saying that, there were some excellent quality steers and milk vealers on offer. There was a reduction in the number of buyers from last week with two major processes being absent, together with restockers. The market was 20c to 30c cheaper for cows, grown steers and heifers and yearling heifers, with manufacturing steers being 30c to 40c/kg cheaper. Quality yearling steers were firm as well as quality milk vealers. The yarding consisted of 290 bullocks, 465 young steers, 494 young heifers, 770 cows and 28 bulls.

Milk vealers made from 310c to 390c, yearling steers made from 275c to 360c, while the heifer portion made from 285c to 350c/kg. Restockers paid to 305c, grown steers made from 285c to 366c, restockers paid 337c and grown heifers made from 276c to 338c, with restockers paying to 331c/kg.

Manufacturing steers made from 232c to 292c/kg. Cows, C3 and C4 sold from 285c to 300c with the C2 cows selling from 240c to 272c/kg. Restocking cows sold from 242c to 250c/kg. Light cows sold from 180c to 210c/kg. Beef bred Bulls made to 290c with Dairy bred making to 210c/kg.