Photo: This pen of Limousin cows were sold for an impressive 264c/kg ($1752.96ph), weighing an average 664kg and sold by Charles Stewart Nash McVilly.

Total Yarding: 498

Cattle numbers increased slightly, with some very good yearlings and grown heifers offered, liked by processors. The entire regular buying group was present today, with bidding intensifying in the cow run, with all weights and grades resulting in a price lift. Feedlots and restockers were active again, operating in the yearling and grown categories. Due to some excellent competition, buyers were operating in a firm to dearer market in places.

There were very few trade steers offered today, with the best making only 275c, easing 10c/kg from last week. Some excellent quality trade heifers were offered, resulting in a price lift of 15c, receiving from 260c to 320c/kg. Yearlings returning to feed were shared between the buyers, making from 238c to 264c and the restockers continued to go that extra mile, with prices reaching 298c, 4c/kg higher than last week.

Today’s offering of grown steers and bullocks was mixed with the better finished C4s making from 292c to 310c, as the steers and bullocks returned to feed, receiving from 250c and 280c/kg. The regular offering of mixed quality cows received a price lift of 3c to 17c/kg across all weights and grades. The good heavy 3 and 4 score cows suiting the export buyers sold from 220c to 252c, with one outstanding B muscled cow making 264c/kg. The middle run of D2 cows received from 194c to 224c, with the light D muscled 1 score cows making from 160c to 194c/kg. Few bulls were sold to the usual buying group, with the top bulls receiving from 213c to 226c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited.

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