PHOTO: This good looking lot of Poll Hereford cows sold for 239c/kg today (weight 653.9kg).

Total Yarding: 416

There was a decrease in the cattle numbers to 410 head which was 70 less on last week and there was an extra buyer present that joined the usual gallery in an overall slightly stronger market that did fluctuate at times. Quality was mostly from plain to good with an increase in the number cattle presented showing more cover. The 20 Grown steers were very mixed as they sold an unchanged to a few cents cheaper, grown heifers were mostly firm and the good quality younger cattle sold from equal to 10c/kg dearer with a few sales higher that were of excellent quality. There was very little interest for the lightweight cattle during the market with some isolated sales 10c to 20c/kg lower. Cows and bull prices lifted on average by an estimated 5c to 10c/kg. A few pens of lightweight vealers sold from 171c to 253c/kg with most sales going to restockers. In the trade weight cattle yearling steers suiting the processors made from 264c to the market top of 294c/kg, feeders and restockers paid 240c to 276c/kg for their well-bred store cattle and yearling heifers of C2 to C3 grades were from 240c to 275c/kg. Yearling D2 dairy bred heifers sold to 183c/kg with yearling D2 dairy bred steers making 185c/kg as very light poor E1 dairy bred heifers sold from 55c to 76c/kg.

Grown steers C2 and C3 sold from 240c to 284c/kg, Friesian manufacturing steers made to 190c/kg and the grown heifers sold to steady competition with the D3 and C3 grades selling between 234c to 269c/kg as restockers paid to 254c/kg. Dairy bred grown heifers D1 sold from 130c to 170c/kg. The extra light cows sold from 50c to 113c/kg, lightweight E1 dairy bred cows made 120c to 150c/kg with the D1 grades making 170c to 176c and D2 Friesian cows sold for 197c/kg. Medium beef cows D1 sold from 134c to 186c/kg, D2 cows made from 210c to 225c/kg and the heavy beef cows of D and C muscling grades were from 232c to 248c/kg. The best of the heavy beef bulls sold made between 227c to 247c/kg with dairy-bred bulls reaching 199c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited.

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