PHOTO: Buyers were in a jovial mood at today’s prime market at WVLX in Mortlake, sharing a joke prior to the sale of this Angus X Bullock that Elders Kerr & Co sold for 242c/kg (weight 560kg).

Total Yarding: 488

There were more cattle for the core field of buyers (at WVLX in Mortlake) and quality was again mixed. Prices were generally unchanged to dearer, with just the odd grown heifers and plainer yearlings a little easier. Cows all sold a little better, with the lighter conditioned 1 scores up to 20c/kg dearer, aided by keen restocker competition.

The better C muscled vealers made from 262c to 284c, with restockers paying from 260c to 270c/kg. The yearlings sold from mainly 228c, up to 272c, with restockers reaching 275c/kg. The D2 yearlings made from 140c to 210c and the plain 1 scores started from 110c/kg.

Restockers purchased the few C3 and C4 grown steers and paid from 273c to 279c/kg. The C3 and C4 grown heifers made 216c and 224c/kg respectively. 3 and 4 score beef cows received from 190c to 200c, with the best making 215c/kg. The D2 grade sold from 170c to 185c, as the D1 cows made from 150c to 174c/kg. Poor to plain E1 cows received from 100c to 153c, with restockers purchasing pen lots of D1 and E1 cows from 133c to 160c/kg. The small number of average to very good B2 heavy weight bulls sold from 208c to 228c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. 

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