PHOTO: Grant & Emily Keating, along with their gorgeous children Lily (5), Levi (3) and Axel (1) attended today’s prime market in Mortlake! They sold 23 cattle all up, including bullocks, steers and heifers and were happy with their prices.

Total Yarding: 278

Agents penned low numbers again for a similar yarding as last week with mixed quality offered. Extra buyers joined the regular group today creating some strong competition and driving the prices up in most categories.

Veal was too limited to quote, making from 226c to 241c/kg. The best of the trade weight steers lifted up to 13c to receive from 241c to 280c/kg. There were a good number of heifers offered suiting the domestic buyers creating a significant lift of 35c, making from 241c to 275c/kg. Feeder cattle sold in a fluctuating market, with the steers slightly cheaper, making from 205c to 235c, while the heifers were 12c dearer, making from 220c to 258c/kg.

Grown steers and bullocks were well presented and strong completion meant buyers had to go that extra mile to fill their orders, creating a lift of 7c, making from 240c to 284c/kg. Numbers of well finished grown heifers were better this week also seeing a lift of 7c, making from 240c to 255c/kg. There were some good heavy well finished beef cows suiting the export buyers, this saw bidding intensify resulting in an increase of 35c, with the best making from 195c to 231c/kg. The medium covered beef cows, C2 and C3 types, also sold to a better market trend, lifting 4c to 21c in places to make from 146c to 184c/kg. The very light one score cows sold for 140c/kg. Bulls sold to the usual buying group, with better shapes making from 212c to 226c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited.

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