Southern Grampians Livestock & Real estate sold an outstanding pen of 19 Angus steers today on behalf of P & J Wines. The Angus steers weighed in on average 509kg per head fetching 388c/kg or $1975.74! 


Total Yarding: 245

Agents yarded 245 cattle at Mortlake in a typical winter offering where the quality ranged from good to plain in all categories. Not all the regular feeders and processors were in attendance and operating in the market that was generally firm on last week’s sale with the exception of chopping cows which were 10c to 15c/kg cheaper. The offering was made up of 30 bullocks, 143 trade cattle, 70 cows and 2 grown bulls.

Milk vealers on offer this week made from 335c to 414c/kg. Yearling steers to the trade realised from 373c to 390c with a heifer portion making from 360c to 395c, feeders and restockers paying to 346c/kg.

The grown steers made from 300c to 390c while the grown heifers made between 333 and 394c/kg. Feeders and restockers paid to 388c/kg. Manufacturing steers realised from 270c to 330c/kg. The heavy beef bred cows sold from 275c to 330c, with the medium weights making from 245c to 265c/kg. The very well covered dairy cows sold from 245c to 270c. The very light cows made from 184c to 220c/kg. Cows back to the paddock sold to 266c/kg. Grown beef bred bulls sold to 250c/kg. Vealer bulls sold to 372c/kg.

Market Report:​ Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click ​here​ for full report.