Soudan Holdings sold a pen of 11 Red poll bullocks at yesterday’s Prime Sale. The bullocks went under the hammer for 435c/kg, or $2459.72 🐂 (Sold by HF Richardson)

Total Yarding: 490

It was a good quality offering of 490 cattle, 48 less, that sold to the usual field of buyers of which not all operated fully. Restockers were again the dominate buyers of the young and
grown cattle. Prices varied around the levels of last week for young cattle but grown heifers sold equal to slightly higher. Grown steers were 20c to 30c dearer and those going to restockers averaged 5c to 20c/kg better than last week. Beef bred cows gained 10c to 20c but the plainer quality dairy cows lost 5c to 15c/kg.

The few yearlings to processors mainly sold from 400c to 460c with a top sale at 485c/kg. Restockers paid from 380c to 480c with a top sale at 497c/kg. The plain and dairy bred yearlings made from 280c to 360c/kg. Grown steers sold from 400c to 435c with leaner types making from 330c to 374c and restockers paying a top of 452c/kg. Grown heifers sold from 380c to 418c/kg.

Beef cows were again of good finish and supply, selling from 330c to 375c with a restocker paying a top of 380c/kg. The plain quality dairy cows made from 246c to 260c, while the plain conditioned types made from 200c to 245c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click here for full report.