PHOTO: The first pen of the day was this great pen of Angus Bullocks sold by HF Richardson, which was also the highest priced pen of bullocks at 285c/kg, ave. weight 575.6kg.  

Total Yarding: 316

Cattle numbers increased at Mortlake to 316 up by 152 head as the quality continued to improve with most varying from average to good. The regular field of buyers followed the market with not all operating fully at times. The sale did fluctuate depending on the actual quality as prices remained unchanged for the younger cattle, the fewer grown heifers were firm to 9c/kg stronger, grown steers 5c to 10c/kg dearer. The larger number of mixed quality cows were close to half the total yarding as they sold from unchanged to 8c/kg easier with some restocker interest providing extra competition on the lighter beef cows as they paid from 150c to 208c/kg.

The steer yearlings C2 and C3 grades sold from 218c to the market top of 290c/kg, the C2 to C3 yearling heifers with cover made 230c to 270c/kg. The plainer D2 yearlings were from 150c to 192c/kg with the restockers and feeders paying between 228c to 284c/kg for young cattle. A better selection of grown steers saw the C3 portion sell from 230c to 285c/kg with restockers also paying up to 285c/kg. A pen of 15 D2 Friesian manufacturing steers made 209c/kg, good quality grown heifers C3 sold from 248c to 272c/kg with the D2 grown heifers making 193c to 221c/kg. Light dairy-bred cows made 130c to 150c/kg, the D1 cows were from 169c to 192c/kg with the D2 and D3 Friesian cows 188c to reach 201c/kg. The light E1 beef cows sold for 105c/kg as the D2 and D3 cows were from 185c to 214c/kg, heavy C2 and C3 cows sold from 214c to 228c/kg and a B2 cow made the cow top price of 230c/kg. The beef bulls sold to less competition making 175c to 215c/kg to average a few cents lower on last week.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited.

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