PHOTO: This outstanding Limousin Heifer (marked on the loin) sold by Elders Kerr & Co took the cake at today’s WVLX prime market, reaching a market top of 314c/kg (ave weight 398kg).

Total Yarding: 630

Agents offered a larger yarding that comprised of an overall mixed quality penning, though most were in lean condition. The mainly usual following of buyers attended, however not all operated fully. Prices, quality on quality, were similar but cows did sell on a cheaper trend, with manufacturing grown steers a little dearer.

A single B2 heifer vealer topped the market with a price of 314c/kg. The few C muscled yearlings, of which most were heifers, mainly made from 232c to 281c, with restockers going to 275c/kg. The poor to plain D1 and D2 yearlings received from 130c to 210c/kg.

The grown steer yarding was dominated by manufacturing D1 and D2 grade steers which mainly made from 190c to 231c/kg. The few C3 steers were from 240c to 280c, with more C2s this week, making from 226c to 260c/kg. A single C3 grown heifer sold at 272c, as the C2s made from 240c to 259c, while the D2 grade received from 202c to 222c and the D1s were from 170c to 180c/kg. Better covered 3 to 5 score beef cows sold from 214c to 235c, with the D2 grades making from 180c to 205c/kg. The D1 cows made from 160c to 179c and E1 cows were mainly from 100c to 150c/kg. The two B2 heavy weight bulls sold from 210c to 220c, with three C2s making from 195c to 198c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited.

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