PHOTO: Great to see our large Friesian steers selling well today at WVLX, with this good pen of 10 Friesian steers sold by Stewart Nash McVilly reaching a top of 240c/kg, with an average weight of 643kg.

Total Yarding: 286

It was a bigger market this week, with 134 more cattle than last week and the usual gallery of buyers in attendance.

Bullocks sold firm to 9c/kg better, with heavy Heifers up to 12c/kg dearer. Heavy cows were firm to 2c/kg dearer, light cows were firm and bulls were firm to 4c/kg up.

There were no vealers to quote this week.

Of special note was a pen of 10 Friesian steers weighing an average of 643kg which reached a top of 240c/kg.

Market Report: Courtesy of Hayden Lanyon, Elders Kerr & Co. (no MLA reporter in attendance today).

CLICK HERE to download the full WVLX market report.