Total Yarding: 1000

Agents yarded 1,000 cattle at Mortlake in a mixed yarding where the largest percentage of bullocks was of the manufacturing type the younger cattle presented some good vealers and not as mixed and there was a very good run of  beef cows together with good dairy bred cows. In an initiative this week, all cattle with the exception of bulls were presented through the selling ring with buyers being allocated seats in line with the COVID-19 restrictions and was live streamed. All the regular buyers were in attendance and operated in a market that was softer by 10c to 20c for cows and 10c to 15c/kg for manufacturing steers. The market was firm for grown cattle and yearlings and the offering consisted of 40 bullocks, 319 young heifers, 201 young steers, 421 cows and 13 grown bulls. .

Milk vealers made to 355c/kg. The yearling steers made from 275c to 350c and the heifers made to 360c/kg. Restockers paid to 340c/kg. Grown steers made to 324c and the heifer portion sold to 305c, with restockers paying to 322c/kg. Manufacturing steers made from 229c to 270c/kg. Cows, C3 and C4 made from 245c to 290c/kg. The C2 cows made from 210c to 245c/kg. Beef bulls made to 245c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click here for full report.