Elders Kerr & Co sold 2 Speckle Park heifers on behalf of DC Lenehan which weighed in at 422.5kg on average and returned $1816.75!

Total Yarding:  791

Another good quality yarding of cattle was more mixed this week for the regular following of buyers. The reduced offering of 791 head, 158 less which included more grown heifers. Demand again came back easing by a further 15c from grown steers and from 15c to 20c/kg from grown heifers. Cows lost 10c to 20c whilst manufacturing steers were 10c to 30c/kg lower. The yearlings sold on average 30c/kg cheaper but milk vealers were unchanged to easier supported by restocker competition.

The milk vealers made from 390c to 430c with restockers also going to 430c/kg. Yearlings sold from 330c to 390c and restockers made to 408c/kg. Grown steer quality was not as good as last week and they mainly sold from 330c to 367c with a light weight pen making to 380c and restockers paid to 381c/kg. Grown heifers made from 280c to a top of 360c/kg.The good run of beef cows sold from 285c to 302c with dairy and crossbreds making from 255c to 288c/kg. The leaner cows sold from 246c to 270c/kg. Beef bulls sold from 268c to 278c with a restocker paying to 306c/kg

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click here for full report.