PHOTO: Claudio and Linda Castaldo of Glenfyne normally sell at other markets but wanted to try the market at WVLX, selling 1 Angus X Angus Steer for $2.59/kg (weight 414kg), 2 Angus x Angus Heifers for $2.46/kg (average weight 430kg) and 3 Angus x Angus cows for $2.06/kg (average weight 528.3kg). They were particularly impressed by how quickly, once sold, the cattle are moved to the weighbridge by horse & rider, and will be selling again at the store sale next week.

Total Yarding: 478

There was a smaller total yarding of 478 cattle offered at Mortlake which was 281 less than last week and was made up of approximately 155 cows, 55 grown steers, 190 young cattle, 65 grown heifers and 13 bulls. Quality was mixed overall with some good quality pens of steers, heifers and cows in places. The regular buying group operated in a weaker fluctuating market. Restockers were active during the sale as the better quality young cattle sold unchanged to a few cents cheaper. There was less demand for plainer quality as they sold from 10c to 15c/kg cheaper and more in some isolated sales. Grown steers varied from 5c to 15c lower as cow prices eased mostly between 2c and 7c with the bulls back 5c/kg.

Vealers and yearlings the trade made from 220c to 269c with feeders and restockers paying from 170c up to 270c/kg for their store young cattle.

The C3 and C4 grown steers sold from 223c to 278c/kg. More grown heifers were penned selling equal with D3 and D4s making from 193c to 240c with a restocker paying to 260c/kg. Light E1 dairy bred cows made from 100c to 142c/kg. D1 and D2s sold between 157c and 175c with a D3 making 200c/kg. Restockers did provide some extra competition paying from 110c to 190c/kg for cows. The D2 beef bred cows sold from 170c to 190c with the heavier cows with more cover of D3, D4 and C3, C4 grades selling from 191c to 214c/kg. The bulls reached 212c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. 

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