DJ Swayn presented a pen of 1 Charolais steer that topped the market fetching 390c/kg, $1427.40  and 5 Charolais Heifers almost matching at 388c/kg, averaging $1406.50 per head. (Sold by Charles Stewart & Co) 

Total Yarding: 416

Agents yarded 416 cattle at Mortlake where the quality overall was plain to very good all the usual processors plus one new operator. Feeders were present and active on a market that was firm to dearer in places. The market consisted of 248 Trade cattle, 151 Cows, 15 Bullocks and 2 grown Bulls. Trade cattle were up to 10c to 20c dearer and there were some very good milk vealers on offer this week and these made it to a top of 390c/kg.

Milk vealers made from 290c to 390c/kg. Yearling steers made from 295c to 384c and the heifer portion sold to 375c/kg. There was only a small number of bullocks on offer and here the market was firm. There was a very good offering of beef bred cows, these were 10c to 15c dearer, making it to a top of 300c/kg. Bullocks made to 341c and the grown heifers sold from 295c to 340c/kg. Manufacturing steers made to 250c/kg. Heavy beef bred cows sold from 290c to 300c, with the medium cows selling from 275c to 283c/kg. Dairy bred cows made from 260c to 270c/kg. Light cows made from 160c to 190c/kg. Grown Bulls sold to 245c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click here for full report.