Charles Stewart & Co sold an exceptional pen of 3 Hereford steers on behalf of NB & LM Millard. The steers weighed on average 446.7kg and returned $1826.87 per head!

Total Yarding:  285

Agents yarded 285 head of cattle at Mortlake this week, with numbers slightly back on the previous sale. There were only a limited number of quality bullocks on offer. Trade steers and heifers did not display the quality this week however there was a very good run of cows of all weights and grades available. All the regular buyers were present plus two extra, however not all were fully active and again there was strong competition from feeders. The market was dearer in places by 10c to 20 c/kg for the better finished grown cattle and cows which met strong competition; all other categories were firm. The yarding consisted of 46 bullocks, 144 trade cattle, 92 cows and 5 bulls.

Vealers to the trade made to 436c, store buyers paying 392c/kg. Yearling steers to the trade made from 373c to 409c/kg. The heifer portion to the trade made between 343c and 398c, while feeders paid to 380c/kg. The grown steers made from 330c to 386c/kg. The grown heifers made between 310c and 380c, with feeders paying to 384c/kg. Manufacturing steers sold from 310c to 335c/kg.

Heavy weight beef bred cows sold from 310c to 340c/kg. Medium weight beef cows sold from 266c to 290c/kg. The very well covered dairy bred cows made between 266c and 282c/kg. Medium weight dairy cows averaged from 240c to 266c/kg. Light dairy cows 194c to 240c/kg. Cows back to the paddock sold to 277c/kg. Grown bulls made to 272c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click here for full report.