PHOTO: Elders Kerr & Co sold this great pen of Angus Bullocks to high demand today at the WVLX Mortlake Prime Market for a market top of 309c/kg, $2114.72ph (ave weight 684.4kg).

Total Yarding: 638

Demand was stronger and prices were higher in the increased sized yarding of 638 cattle here at Mortlake, 96 more. Last week’s absent buyer returned, along with more exporter presence for the mixed but mostly good quality offering. Young cattle were equal to a little better in prices, but grown steers and cows sold 10c to 15c/kg dearer. The quality of grown heifers and bulls was not as good as previous sales, and allowing for this, price values were no different.

The few plain to average quality C muscled vealers made from 240c to 272c, while the plain to very good selection of C muscled yearlings attracted strong bidding, receiving from 222c to 295c/kg. Processors paid to 305c for a supplementary fed pen and restockers went to 285c/kg. The D1 and D2 yearlings were from 150c, with processors paying to 205c, while restockers went to 256c/kg.

The C3 grown steers made from 280c to 295c, with a pen out to 309c/kg. The leaner unfinished C2 grade were from 250c to 260c/kg. Manufacturing D2 grown steers sold from 209c to 223c, with better covered D3s making from 232c to a top of 260c/kg. The few C muscled grown heifers made from 220c to 229c/kg.

There were several pens of well finished beef cows and these made from 220c to 232c, with a pen at 240c, while average quality started from 205c/kg. The D2 cows made from 183c to 212c, with the D1 grade making from 162c to 188c/kg. The poor to plain conditioned E1 cows sold from 148c and 166c, with very poor quality down to 110c/kg. The plain to average line up of beef bred bulls made from 184c to 206c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. 

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