PHOTO: Corey Baulch of Elders Kerr & Co sold this outstanding pen of Angus Steers for the market top today of 330c/kg (ave weight 502.5kg), making $1658ph. 


Total Yarding: 177

Following another cold and wet weekend agents yarded 177 head at Mortlake, the wet weather over the weekend restricting the number of cattle being yarded. This week’s quality was not as mixed as last week. All the regular processors were in attendance, as well some feeder competition, however not all operated on a market that was firm in the trade section. However, D2 cows sold to a slightly softer trend being 5c/kg cheaper. 

Yearling heifers to the trade made from 232c to top of 300c/kg, to be unchanged this week. 

The C3 and C4 grown steers and bullocks made from 260c to a top of 330c and the grown heifers made from a 240c to 298c, with feeders paying to 298c/kg, to be firm on last week. Manufacturing bullocks made to 244c/kg. The offering of cows was predominantly made up of dairy cows. The market was a touch softer this week, to be 5c/kg cheaper for D2 cows. Beef cows, 3 and 4 score, remained firm, while light weight D1 and E1 cows made from 115c to 195c/kg. The D2 cows made from 192c to 220c, with the extra heavy 3 and 4 score beef cows selling between 250c to 259c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited.

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