PHOTO: Heifer prices were up today, including this top pen sold by Elders Kerr & Co which reached a high of 280c/kg for both the Angus and the Murray Greys (ave weight 647.5kg & 623.5kg respectively).

Total Yarding: 542

There was a lift in cattle supply and the quality was rather mixed after the missed market of last week due to the Easter holiday break. One regular, major processor wasn’t present today, alongside the smaller field of buyers. However, competition was still strong from those there, with all heifer categories easily 10c to 20c/kg higher as processors look for more cover in their purchases. The grown steers averaged unchanged as did the few yearling steers. Cows were from unchanged to slightly dearer and the small penning of bulls sold approximately 10c/kg better, quality on quality.

There were vealers penned this week and the lean conditioned offering mainly sold from 220c to 272c/kg. The yearling heifers made from 244c to 283c, with restockers reaching 257c/kg. The few steers made from 208c to 290c/kg, with a wide variation in quality. The D1 and D2 yearlings sold from 150c to 204c, with restockers paying to 242c/kg.

The C3 grown steers sold from 260c to 295c, while the C2 to C5 grown heifers made from 220c to 280c/kg. There were several pens of good to very good well covered beef cows and these made from 208c to 230c/kg. The D2 cows got the best of the rise in prices, with majority making from 170c to 196c to be 10c to 15c/kg dearer. The D1 cows made from 140c to 180c and poor to plain conditioned E1 cows started at 125c/kg. The small number of average quality beef bulls sold from 200c to 210c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited.

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