PHOTO: Heifer prices were well up at today’s prime market at WVLX in Mortlake, with this great pen of Red Angus Heifers sold by Southern Grampians Livestock making the market top of 296c/kg (ave weight 450.7kg).

Total Yarding: 508

Good rain across the supply area and an increase in prices over the last fortnight has helped to lift confidence, resulting in numbers increasing by more than double for a mixed quality yarding. The entire regular buying group was present today and there was some strong competition in the cow run driving prices up in most categories.

Veal was limited making from 240c to 275c/kg. A good number of trade cattle were offered today suiting the domestic market, driving prices up in both the steer and heifer run. The best of the trade weight steers lifted another 13c, making from 245c to 290c, with the heifers increasing 15c, receiving from 250c to 296c/kg. Feeder cattle lifted up to 23c in places due to quality steers, making from 230c to 245c, while the heifers sold from 225c to 255c/kg.

Today’s offering of grown steers and bullocks were mixed, with some cattle lacking finish and returning to feed. Domestic processors paid from 250c to 284c keeping the market firm, whilst grown heifers eased slightly making from 215c to 250c/kg. There were some good heavy well finished beef cows suiting the export buyers, along with some young cows bought by lot feeders. The best of the heavy 4 score beef cows sold from 215c to 235c, lifting 4c/kg. The tops of the feeder cows sold up to 240c/kg. The better dairy portion sold from 164c to 196c, with the light 1 score cows making from 125c to 142c/kg. The small number of bulls sold to the usual buying group in a firm market, receiving from 202c to 228c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited.

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