PHOTO: These well covered Angus Steers sold by HF Richardson were in demand at today’s prime market at WVLX in Mortlake, and made the market top of 270c/kg today (ave weight 435kg).

Total Yarding: 215

There was a significant decrease in supply and not all the regular buyers operated in the mixed quality yarding of cattle. Young cattle comprised mainly good quality yearlings that fluctuated in values, but averaged unchanged in prices. Plain condition continues to attract weak demand. However, restocker competition was strong and prices were up 10c to 12c/kg. The grown steers made up to 15c/kg more in an average to good quality offering, though the top prices of last week were not reached. Cows sold 10c cheaper and bulls were 20c/kg lower.

The better quality C2 and C3 yearlings sold from 180c to 250c, with the best of the restocking yearlings to 270c/kg. Plain C2 cattle started at 134c/kg.

The C3 grown steers made from 240c to 259c and restockers paid from 250c to 261c/kg. The 3 score beef cows made from 174c to 180c, as the D2 cows sold from 140c to 156c/kg. The D1 cows made from 100c to 126c/kg. Heavy weight C and D muscled 2 score bulls received from 170c to 185c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited.

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