PHOTO: The MC Herd buyer picks out a few fine looking Red Angus steers in this pen at the Mortlake saleyards, sold by Charles Stewart & Co., and paid the top price of 286c/kg today (ave. weight 621.7kg).

Total Yarding: 793

The number of buyers was back to the mostly regular field as cattle supply came back from last week’s big increase. Although quality was mixed there were mainly heavier and finished cattle available. Prices moved around a lot as buyers were selective in their purchases. Sometimes the better suited young and grown cattle sold at firm to mainly easier levels, but most of the time prices were 10c to 30c/kg less. Grown steers overall averaged 5c to 8c/kg cheaper. Manufacturing steers, young cattle and better covered cows averaged 10c to 15c/kg lower with the 1 score cows closer to unchanged. Heavy weight bulls remained equal for the better quality and up to 10c/kg less for the plain to average quality.

The few vealers that came forward made 210c to 275c with yearlings from 190c to 264c and an isolated single made 280c/kg. The D2 yearlings were from 170c to 200c and restockers paid 226c/kg.

The C muscled grown steers mainly sold between 238c and 280c with a top sale at 286c/kg. The D2 manufacturing steers were from 180c to 214c and D1’s sold between 133c and 172c/kg. Most C3 and C4 grown heifers made 205c to 239c with a restocker paying 250c/kg for four C4’s. A magnificent extra heavy weight B3 cow sold for 228c, while the run of C3 and C4 cows made 205c to 220c/kg. The D2 cows were from 160c to 188c and the 1 score cows made 140c to 167c/kg. Heavy weight B2 bulls sold from 205c to 230c with the C2 grade at 180c to 200c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited.

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