Charles Stewart Nash McVilly sold a pen of 29 Angus steers on behalf of Mt Myrtoon Trust. The steers weighed in at 195kg on average and went under the hammer for a whopping 596c/kg!

Yarding: 1’699

The October Store Sale deemed an absolute success as cattle showed good health even though numbers were slightly back on previous months. There was a big online presence with auctionsplus today as 540 bids on 90 lots were placed which was just shy of 50% of the sale. There were 297 registered buyers, 13 active buyers and 6 successful bidders with 12% of the yarding being purchased online. The bulk of grown steers made from 400-430c/kg with a top of 451c/kg or $2073.34. Weaner steers averaged 450-470c/kg, with a top of 596c/kg.  Open Auctions steers made to a top of $1300.

Grown heifers topped out at 432c/kg or $1833.60, with the bulk of these making between 380-400c/kg. Weaner heifers averaged 400-440c/kg with a top of 466c/kg. Open Auction Heifers making to a top of $1270.00.

There were just short of 100 cows and calves on offer today, despite the quality not being as strong the bulk made between $2200-$2500 with a top of $3430.00. There was a large offering of x-bred and friesian steers on offer today with the heavy X-bred steers making between 340c/kg to 360c/kg, to a top of 380c/kg. Light steers under 400kg averaged between 360-380c/kg, with top pen making to 430c/kg. Friesian steers averaged between 310c/kg to 330c/kg with a top of 342c/kg. 


Market Report: WVLX Agent’s Association President, Alister Nash.